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1300 photos edison chen sex scandal

A crackdown began in neighbouring Guangdong province on the manufacturing, selling and spreading the CD-ROMs of the celebrity photos, [53] which sold "like hotcakes" in Shenzhen. Various photography experts have also told the media that the pictures do not seem modified.

1300 photos edison chen sex scandal

Because Kira hasn't gotten the right price, or because of safety reason, there isn't a safe way for him to get paid. Thus, the journal raised the question that Chung may have been charged with a wrong offence.

1300 photos edison chen sex scandal

1300 photos edison chen sex scandal

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  1. She was a contestant in the Miss Chinese International beauty pageant.

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    Shaped by the denials, the initial media consensus was that the photographs were hoaxes. I wasn't allowed to talk to her initially because of the police request and they were investigating me, which already had troubled me a lot

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