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Couple having sex at a party

What do you want to gain from the experience and what could you possibly offer those you meet? A garment of clothing to cover your genitals is required principally for hygiene reasons, but also because of the intensity of the vibrations. New York offers no shortage of options for adults seeking a departure from the routine, and my foray into the lifestyle started with a BDSM event in

Couple having sex at a party

Chaperones recruited by the collective make their rounds, not to leer but to make sure the rules are being obeyed. Spencer Jones studied creative writing at Ursinus College and Oxford University and earned her degree in creative writing from Aberystwyth University, in Wales.

Couple having sex at a party

Couple having sex at a party

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  1. Courtesy of Spencer Jones Jones posing with the attire she wore to the '80s-themed sex party.

  2. What was the dress code?

  3. The Sybian , the grande dame of sex toys, is a popular attraction that can be found at some of the parties. If you have an exhibitionist streak, you can leave the flaps of the tent open, drape the saddle with the plastic cling wrap provided, and adjust the speed.

  4. I realized giving and receiving pleasure in front of an audience was appealing to me, and after doing an internet search for more ways to participate in the scene, I applied to a collective based in Brooklyn that holds monthly swinger parties.

  5. Strategically placed signs advise members to make use of the condoms, ask before touching someone else, and to alert the coordinators if something happens that makes them feel uncomfortable. Live jazz and burlesque performances take place early in the evening, allowing members to mingle with potential friends or partners, and around 11 p.

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