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Fantasy in christian sex life

But again, the Scriptures make sexual purity a separate issue and a primary issue. The last word is yours. Not to mention the separate Bible verses about sexual purity.

Fantasy in christian sex life

There is as much danger from sexual suppression of the male sexual nature as there is in over indulgence of the male sexual nature. It can be a risk to make yourself vulnerable enough to share a fantasy with your spouse, especially if it is something that would be sinful or that seems outside the norm.

Fantasy in christian sex life

Fantasy in christian sex life

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  1. Moogukinos

    God loves it when a man sees a woman across the room and he is able to imagine how soft she would be to touch and how wonderful it would be to have sex with her. Of the small number of 10 commandments, Jesus chose to address one on coveting and an entirely separate one on adultery.

  2. I agree with you that the consequences of him coveting my wife or actually planning on sneaking a touch of my wife would be far greater than him desiring to steal a bite of my steak. I agree the Scriptures show us that sexual sin is set apart as an especially grievous sin before God — no argument there.

  3. I use affiliate links in my posts.

  4. Not to mention the separate Bible verses about sexual purity.

  5. Kazragul

    Several years ago when my husband and I were facing our own battle against sexual fallacies in our marriage, Shannon and Greg Ethridge took a call from Daniel that changed the course of our marriage and our ministry forever.

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