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Hell fire sex 6 dvd

Numerous rumors of new tour dates and studio material, including a DVD , have surfaced since then, but other than a cover song of Metallica 's "Devil's Dance", released through the band's website in early , no such activity has come forth. Luv, the band began extensive touring again, setting out on the road with Boyd Rice. The EHC toured extensively throughout the early to mids, both as an opening act, and as headliners in their own right.

Hell fire sex 6 dvd

Luv, dedicating the title track, a cover of the KISS song from which Lassen drew his stage name, in his honor. Luv, the band regrouped and recorded the album Calling Dr. In January it was reported on the official website and on the band's MySpace page that preliminary work had started on a new full-length album , which would mark the band's first studio album in seven years.

Hell fire sex 6 dvd

Hell fire sex 6 dvd

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