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How to sex a pigeon

Females reproduce at a younger age Johnston and Janiga , and consequently, late nests are expected to be female biased. The birds were kept in an outdoor aviary, enabling frequent nest controls and establishment of laying order of the eggs within a clutch, as well as the sex of the embryos shortly after clutch completion.

How to sex a pigeon

Twenty-four male and 24 female Rock pigeons were obtained from a private breeder and color-ringed for individual recognition. In the next photo the pigeon on the right is the male. Based on the above-mentioned considerations by Emlen and the studies by Pike and Goerlich et al.

How to sex a pigeon

How to sex a pigeon

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  1. Both the Wood pigeon Columba palumbus and the Rock pigeon Columba livia have long breeding seasons and lay two-egg clutches. These ovaries are connected to an oviduct, which swells with the presence of a fertilized egg.

  2. The hatchlings were individually marked by clipping a toenail.

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    To do so, we adopted the following protocol: Avian, Primary sex ratio, Sex allocation, Seasonal variation, Egg-laying sequence, Pigeon, Laying date Introduction If the fitness returns for sons and daughters vary with environmental conditions, parents are expected to adjust the sex ratio of their offspring to these conditions, as predicted by Trivers and Willard specifically for variation in maternal condition.

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    Since these processes take place soon after fertilization, the sex of the embryo and its physiological milieu provided by the mother can be determined close to fertilization.

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