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Information on sex ratio in india

The main cause of this gender bias is inadequate education. The problem is better understood, if one considers the fact that the child sex ratio is primarily influenced by sex ratio at birth and mortality in the early childhood.

Information on sex ratio in india

They simply continue having children until they have one, or the desired number of sons, the Economic Survey as of January 29 said. Moreover, this has registered a decline if compared to when it was According to some scholars, the regional differences in sex ratios may have arisen because of historical farming and occupational patterns.

Information on sex ratio in india

Information on sex ratio in india

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    Only Kerala, Pondicherry and Lakshdweep have shown an increasing trend between

  2. I The sex ratio of population in villages and towns helps to know the composition of population distribution at lower levels and is also useful in micro level planning.

  3. Sex ratio denotes the number of females per of males.

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