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Pro same sex marriage groups

Saturday's referendum is confusing to say the least. Beijing has denied the allegations.

Pro same sex marriage groups

Taiwan's top court legalised same-sex marriage in May , the first place in Asia to do so, and ruled that it must be brought in within two years, but the government has made little progress in the face of opposition from conservative groups. Many of its citizens take great pride in the island's progressive, LGBT-friendly values. Although the ballot is advisory only, it is expected to frustrate lawmakers mindful of public opinion as they face the court deadline next year.

Pro same sex marriage groups

Pro same sex marriage groups

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  1. The result came at the end of a dramatic evening which saw Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen resign as leader of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party DPP after it suffered major defeats in key mid-term polls, a significant blow to her prospects for re-election in Courts will still consider local marriage-licensing offices in violation of the law if they refuse same-sex couples until May , a Ministry of Justice spokesperson said last week.

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    People take part in a rally in support of same-sex marriage near the Presidential Office in Taipei on November 18, , ahead of a landmark vote on LGBT rights on November

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    But the ruling, which gave legislators a two-year deadline in which to enshrine marriage equality into law, could soon be in doubt.

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