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Teacher having sex with a student

Judge Peter Blair QC, the Recorder of Bristol, stopped the trial after the foreman informed him there was not a "realistic prospect" of reaching majority verdicts on any of the four charges of sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of trust that Wilson faced should they be given more time. Wilson, of Dursley, Gloucestershire, denies four charges of sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of trust.

Teacher having sex with a student

The teenager, who bought Wilson flowers and chocolates, told the jury a bond developed between them and insisted his account was not fantasy and that he was telling the truth. The Royal Navy Reservist said she formed a friendship with the boy because she had no friends of her own age she could confide in. Every year I keep a spreadsheet of trials that I do and the outcomes that there are and each year there are quite a number of juries that have the same perfectly legitimate outcomes as this, what we call a hung jury.

Teacher having sex with a student

Teacher having sex with a student

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  1. The option is for you to have sex with me … Just think about it.

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    Wilson is accused of touching the boy during the flight before beckoning him into the toilet cubicle and performing a sex act on him.

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    Had appropriate clearances and was under the general supervision of employees during her placement. They also went to the Ashton Court estate, near Bristol.

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    Jersey Shore School District released a statement Thursday saying in part: At the same time, Wilson discovered she was pregnant and went on to have an abortion, with prosecutors claiming the boy was the father.

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